We are looking for apps that improve the experience for people on Twitter. There are three entry submission categories:

Content discovery apps

Help people discover content such as Lists, Spaces, or Tweets, on Twitter. We have built an open platform that allows you to give people more opportunities to discover content that’s relevant to them. While we built some discovery experiences ourselves (such as the Explore tab for Spaces), people will benefit from alternative discovery mechanisms that can complement ours or be an alternative to them. Another element of discovery is the ability to create different perspectives of the public conversation. Twitter’s developer platform enables you to build ways to filter content by a particular set of rules (for example, a specific topic), or to only surface content in a particular context (such as time of day). You can build tools to show relevant content based on those circumstances, such as apps that surface work-related content during the week, and fun content during the weekend.

Must use at least one of the following Twitter API v2 endpoints; 


  2. Search

  3. Spaces

  4. Manage Tweets

  5. Lists

  6. Timelines

  7. Filtered Stream

Conversation safety tools

Help people feel more safe on Twitter. We want everyone to feel comfortable, safe, and excited to participate in the conversation on Twitter. We’ve worked hard to offer tools that give people more control over their experience, like Tweet reply settings, blocks, and mutes. However, there will always be more work to do, and we want to encourage you to build complementary or additive solutions that help improve the health and safety of the platform. For instance, apps that actively limit the content you don’t want to see/experience. Or filter unwanted content, mentions, and/or profiles.

Must use at least one of the following Twitter API v2 endpoints; 

  1. Search with Conversation ID

  2. Timelines

  3. Follows

  4. Blocks

  5. Mutes

  6. Hide replies

  7. Manage Tweets (Tweet reply settings)

Public good apps

Connect to real world issues, supporting people outside of the Twitter experience. We want to bring communities closer during real world events. Help people coordinate emergencies, tweet out vital information, or help people find assistance when they need it. Keep people safe and informed with tools to automatically share information like extreme weather updates, public health notices, or distributing information in times of crisis and more.

Must use at least one Twitter API v2 endpoint.